A Guide to Try Now, Buy Later 


You’ve been staring at those high-top leather sneakers online for half an hour now.  They look fantastic, but what if they’re too loose in the toes or tight around your ankles?

To buy or not to buy?

The question dates back to the dawn of commerce and the answer became even more complicated for Digital Age consumers.  Sure, online shopping is fast and convenient — yet how can you purchase a product you’ve never seen, touched, or worn in real life?

Fortunately, Try Before You Buy (TBYB) all but eliminates the hassles and risk of winding up with low-quality items in colors and fabrics you don’t like or sizes that don’t fit.  Now you can try on different styles of sunglasses from Warby Parker or sample a whole new wardrobe from StitchFix before paying a single dime.  And if there’s anything you don’t like, you can always send the order back.

Suddenly, any living room can be your own private fitting room.

Try Before You Buy (TBYB) is revolutionizing the way products are sold online

Specifically, TBYB (a.k.a. Try Now Buy Later) allows customers to sample a product at home for a set trial period prior to purchase.  That way, they can experience the fit, colors, fabrics, and style firsthand before making it their own.

TBYB Drives Sales

For retailers, TBYB can strengthen brand loyalty while reducing returns and increasing satisfaction.

Buyer’s remorse is real, especially when it comes to e-commerce, where studies have shown roughly 40 percent of goods added to shopping carts wind up being abandoned.  Yet when customers aren’t forced to commit right away, it gives them a chance to explore new brands and experiment until they find a look they love, increasing conversion while bolstering keep rates.

TBYB just got a lot easier

Clearly, Try Before You Buy can be a transformative experience for online shoppers and retailers alike.  But what about enterprise apparel companies that can’t afford the capital investment or disruption of current operations to design, implement, launch, and manage a TBYB platform?

Fortunately, emerging software providers like TryNow make the prospect of setting up and customizing at-home trial programs more accessible (even for independent merchants lacking Amazon-size resources).  Integrated and compatible with a brand’s pre-existing apps,  these types of solutions can help to provide a unified checkout experience while streamlining fraud prevention, smart tracking, analytics, and returns management.

As a result, retailers can more easily find new prospects and transform them into fans with a transparent process designed to boost satisfaction, since customers only purchase the products they love enough to keep.  Say farewell to buyer’s remorse and start welcoming repeat buyers.





Leja Kress

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