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Platform Design and Branding for the Premiere Luxury Watch Reseller

We partnered with WatchBox to create a ground-up redesign and rebrand of their online presence, improving the user experience while elevating the branding to the international standard associated with the luxury market.


About the Brand

WatchBox is the world’s leading platform for the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned luxury watches; fueled by technology, innovation, and unmatched global experience in the high-end watch market

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One of WatchBox’s goals was to refine the user journey to ensure that the website gives customers the same sort of white-glove experience that they might receive in a luxury store. Built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s latest version, Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) allows WatchBox to roll out features faster with a full library of core site capabilities developed with industry best practices.

Marketplaces can still feel somewhat dubious so a key objective was to create a strong sense of trust with the UI and UX of the platform.

We wanted to create a reliable and trusted brand that conveyed luxury, legitimacy and authority.  Having so many different user journeys to consider was a challenge - some  customers simply want to shop, some want to sell, some trade, and many simply want to be educated.  The details that are stored about each watch are extremely complex, with a lot of information to display and ways to sort and filter on the site which makes the platform really unique.


We also redesigned the Watchbox logo and delivered a digital-first set of brand guidelines to inform the brand aesthetic and style In addition to logo artwork, fonts, and assets, the guidelines include brand usage, restrictions, and violations, as well as detailed specifications for clear space, positioning, and scale. The document also gives recommendations for digital, social and print.

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