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Branding California Zen Furnishing

In 2020 we were asked to help home furnishings company Jamie Young rethink their brand as they pivoted from a robust wholesale and hospitality driven business, to adding a direct to consumer component for the first time.

About The Brand

For over two decades, the husband and wife team of Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter have worked together as Jamie Young Co., using their love of art, architecture, and adventure to craft approachable, design-driven pieces. From coast to coast, and around the world, the duo is inspired by their global travels as well as the comfortable and covetable designs of their home in Southern California. Jamie Young Co. brings both worlds together for a down-to-earth yet distinct approach to design.

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Our work began by rethinking the logo and overall branding. We wanted to create a logo that evoked a sense of craftsmanship and worldliness, two of the brand codes we worked with Jamie Young to uncover. We created a mark that was inspired by the Buddhist symbol of the endless knot, blending spirituality and tradition with a modern graphic approach. The colors we chose were inspired by the California coastal style that the brand is known for. For the photography, we continued this style to convey an airy, beachy vibe with white-washed and natural woods, woven textures, light colors and ocean views.

The website, built with Shopify Plus, perfectly conveys the beautiful assortment of home decor pieces for people that love adventure, both near and far.

Customers can easily shop by category or style (Industrial, Casual Coastal, Urban Lodge or Glam) and robust filters make it easy to find the perfect item. The photography, copy and story-telling all help to tell the narrative of a home well-traveled.

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