Design / User Experience

Quince Clothing

Designing for the High Quality Essentials Brand

We extended the recently completed rebranding of Quince, a company known for its affordable luxury products in fashion and home, into the digital realm. Our work included the translation of the new brand identity into a fully-realized digital style guide and user interface (UI) for Quince’s e-commerce platform.


Our challenge lay in seamlessly integrating the fresh branding elements into an online format that not only resonated with Quince’s ethos of affordable luxury but also provided an intuitive and engaging user experience (UX). The rebranding had established a new visual and communicative direction for Quince, so it was imperative that the website reflect this change without compromising on functionality and user engagement.

Quince distinguishes itself from fast fashion trends by crafting its apparel in enduring styles with top-notch materials. What really makes Quince stand out is their offering of high-end fabric clothing at prices that are considerably lower than what is typically found in retail, with reductions ranging from 50 to 80 percent.


We began by analyzing the new branding and style guidelines from Character. This step involved a deep dive into the nuances of Quince’s revamped brand identity, focusing on aspects like color schemes, typography, and other key visual elements. We then extended these concepts into digital using Figma, our preferred design tool for its excellence in design execution and seamless development handoff.

Our collaboration with Quince’s team, including their CEO, was integral in ensuring the new branding resonated effectively in the digital space. We aimed to blend the successful elements of their previous site with new, innovative approaches, prioritizing a passion-driven yet pragmatic strategy. Our design ethos remained clean and minimal, adhering to the best practices in e-commerce, while striking a balance between elevating the brand to exude a luxurious feel and maintaining approachability. This delicate equilibrium aimed to enrich Quince’s brand appeal without being overwhelming, creating an inviting and upscale online presence.


In Figma, we built out detailed design elements and components for Quince’s custom ecommerce platform. This included creating a comprehensive digital style guide to ensure consistency across all digital platforms.


The final outcome was a sophisticated, intuitive, and visually compelling ecommerce website that perfectly encapsulated Quince’s new brand identity. The website not only elevated the brand’s online presence but also provided a seamless shopping experience for customers.


Quince embodies the principle that exceptional quality and ethical sustainability need not be priced as a luxury. The company, established by veterans of premium retail, redefines luxury, making it universally attainable. Quince curates an array of essentials, from apparel to home décor, designed to enrich lives without the premium price tag. It prioritizes enduring quality with select materials and classic styles, ensuring each product transcends seasonal trends for lasting appeal.

The core of Quince’s ethos is sustainability, selecting organic inputs and eco-conscious packaging, underpinned by responsible business conduct. Leveraging a direct-to-consumer model, Quince cuts traditional retail markups, allowing for fair pricing without sacrificing quality.

Moreover, Quince upholds stringent labor standards, only collaborating with factories that observe strict safety protocols and provide equitable pay. This dedication to ethical practices upholds Quince’s pledge to accountability and transparency, securing not just value for customers, but also justice for workers. Quince stands as a testament to the possibility of merging quality, sustainability, and affordability.


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