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Kirna Zabête.

Chic Curations: Growing The Iconic NYC Store with Shopify Plus

In collaboration with Kirna Zabête, renowned luxury fashion boutique originating in New York City, we have teamed up to elevate and grow their Shopify Plus ecommerce website. Our services are aimed at enhancing user experience, executing continuous conversion rate optimization, delivering technical and account support, and innovating through the design and development of new features.

Kirna Zabête Shopify

Our experience working with the top brands in luxury and fashion has enabled us to understand the unique intricacies of the retailer and its brands, while also bringing innovative ideas and technical expertise to enhance the UI and Shopify Plus development of the site.

Some of the key areas for which we provide optimization, implementation, and support include:

–  NetSuite Integration Support
–  Shopify Plus Support
–  Search Spring Implementation and Customizations
–  CRO Updates
–  App Support
–  UX and UI Design

Kirna Zabête Shopify

Through strategic implementation and customization, our has team enhanced the visual look and feel and functionality of the SearchSpring platform, tailoring it to perfectly align with the Kirna Zabête brand identity and user experience goals. Stretching the platform’s capabilities allowed us to refine the design of search results, filters, and navigation elements, creating a seamless interface.

Kirna Zabête Shopify

Founded in 1999 by the fashion visionary Beth Buccini, the Kirna Zabête store isn’t just a retail space; it’s a style sanctuary. With her impeccable fashion editor background, Beth has transformed Kirna Zabête into a vibrant haven, curating an unrivaled selection of the most exciting and sought-after designers. Initially established in SoHo, New York, it expanded to include additional locations in East Hampton, Bryn Mawr, and Palm Beach. The brand combines its legacy with modern flair, offering vibrant and fashionable collections in-store and online.

The store stands out for its eclectic mix of both established and emerging designers, offering a diverse range of styles that cater to various fashion sensibilities. Known for its vibrant and fashion-forward collections, Kirna Zabête provides a unique shopping experience that combines the joy of dressing with cutting-edge style. The brand’s commitment to presenting the latest and most desirable fashion trends has made it a favorite destination for fashion enthusiasts.

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At Sweden Unlimited, we offer comprehensive monthly retainer services to foster scalable growth for your ecommerce business. Consider us an extension of your team, focused on everything from conversion rate optimization to advanced Shopify design and development. Contact us to learn more.

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