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The 'Bucket' List: Enhancing Mansur Gavriel's Digital Presence

We’ve joined forces with Mansur Gavriel, a renowned luxury accessories brand known for its minimalist aesthetic, to enhance and bolster their Shopify Plus e-commerce business. Our retained services of Shopify Design and Development focus on improving user experience, implementing continuous conversion rate optimization, offering technical and account support, and designing and developing new features.

Shopify Design and Development

Frustrated by an agency relationship they felt was more reactive than strategic in their approach, Mansur Gavriel approached Sweden Unlimited as they sought a new partner that both understood the particular nuances of their brand and was able to bring fresh ideas and thoughtful approaches to the UI and Shopify Plus development of the site.

Some of the key areas for which we provide optimization, implementation, and support include:

–  Global E for international orders
–  Custom App for Monogramming
–  ADA Compliance
–  Checkout Extensibility Upgrade
–  GWP Scripts
–  GA4 Events Setup
–  Speed Optimizations
–  UX and UI Design

Shopify Design and Development
Shopify Design and Development
Shopify Design and Development
Shopify Design and Development
Shopify Design and Development

We began with a heuristic UX audit of the customer-facing UI, followed by a technical audit of the site’s underlying code and deep dive of their analytics. From there, we worked with the brand to build a six-month roadmap where we prioritized a mix of new feature development, bux fixes, ADA compliance corrections, design enhancements and new integrations.

Mansur Gavriel

Established in 2013 by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, Mansur Gavriel quickly rose to prominence with its iconic bucket bag, a sensation on social media. Starting with just two designs – the tote and the bucket bag – the brand has become a beacon of modern, accessible handbag design. Based in New York and crafted with precision in Italy, Mansur Gavriel is distinguished by its minimalist yet vivid design ethos. Each piece embodies sleek lines and practicality, using high-quality materials and a distinctive approach to color, catering to a contemporary audience that values both simplicity and sophistication.

Mansur Gavriel Shopify
retainer services

At Sweden Unlimited, we offer comprehensive monthly retainer services to foster scalable growth for your ecommerce business. Consider us an extension of your team, focused on everything from conversion rate optimization to advanced Shopify design and development. Contact us to learn more.

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