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A Migration to Shopify Plus for the American Footwear Brand

Samuel Hubbard chose Sweden Unlimited to reimagine a new shopping experience, including a migration from Magento to Shopify Plus.

Samuel Hubbard


The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company is an American footwear brand founded in 2013 by Bruce R. Katz. A co-founder of the Rockport Shoe Company, When they came to us, they were frustrated with the effort involved in making simple updates to their Magento site, calling working with the site a "nightmare." Additionally the site had poor speed, lacked many basic ecommerce features, and did not do a good job of communicating the brand's rich history and storytelling around the product's technology, sustainability and attention to quality.

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Samuel Hubbard Shopify Ecommerce
Samuel Hubbard Shopify Ecommerce


Our discovery sessions addressed key themes from defining user journeys for all of the different customer profiles, to creating a modern framework introducing modules based on product storytelling, customer satisfaction and optimization - all with the goal of increasing conversion, especially on mobile.

The result is a dazzling new custom Shopify Plus site with optimized user experience that better communicates the brand’s rich offering and remarkable customer service.

Samuel Hubbard Shopify Ecommerce Sweden Unlimited

Helping Customers Find Their Sole Mate

Samuel Hubbard's unique selling proposition is really focused on their wide range of sizes. We are providing a comprehensive "Size Guide" near the size selector, including sizing equivalents and conversion information, including international sizing. The sizing guide provides detailed guidance in a downloadable and printable diagram for accurate measurements.

Samuel Hubbard Shopify Ecommerce
Samuel Hubbard Shopify Ecommerce
Samuel Hubbard Shopify
Samuel Hubbard Blog for Shopfy

Blog Today, Gone Tomorrow

A principal reason that leading ecommerce companies invest in editorial blog content is to increase visibility. The more content brands create increases the likelihood of appearing in search engines to drive organic traffic. Blogs provide the ideal platform to amplify a brand’s SEO strategy.

For the Samuel Hubbard Journal, Sweden Unlimited integrated key selling opportunities with shoppable content. The retail industry is undergoing notable changes in how it advertises products. From blogs to video ads to social media, content is shifting away from its traditional format and becoming more interactive, influential, and unique. Brands simultaneously reduce the number of steps shoppers need to take to go from content to purchase by including shoppable components.

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