Our Core Values


We are happy to share our company values with you.


Talent, intelligence, and experience may sometimes seem like the most important traits in a company, but you can’t get anywhere without grit. For us, the key to creating thoughtful end results is born from that primal passion and die-hard perseverance to make things happen. Grit is the self control to think things through to find the best way, not just the most attractive way. Grit is the willingness to grow as the industry grows around us. Grit is the inspiration we take and give from the people and projects around us, working hard to let passion lead us all forward.



Though we would all love to lead with positivity, our industry and our world needs realism and decisiveness. Positivity can be a hard thing to muster since our brains are hard-wired to look for and focus on threats, so we strive to act positively towards every person’s ideas but practice cautious positivity with every project. We believe a healthy dose of pessimism and cynicism will keep your brand sharp, mitigate risk, and help you stay ahead of the curve, but the willingness to stay positive, and say “yes, let’s try” is an essential step in keeping us all working hard towards the same goal.



“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Contrary to many big business values, we think being humble, unpretentious, and even a little introverted can be a real value. We create a service around benefiting our clients and their customers, so it’s important to have empathy for each client. They know their product, landscape and industry, and it is our job to listen, absorb, and create what they need.


Growth Mindset

For Sweden Unlimited, life and work are not about proving yourself –it’s about improving yourself. We don’t believe you are stuck with the talents you are born with, you can always get better, learn more, and grow towards a goal. For us, it’s not about demonstrating skills but developing skills, not performing better than others but performing better than you did in the past.

This mindset is vital for our particular industry involving tech and the ever-evolving digital landscape. In our world, tech changes fast, but strategies, user adoption, and UX patterns change faster. We are constantly in meetings where someone says, “oh, that’s not possible,” but then googles it, revealing that it now is. We strive to keep growing even if it sometimes feels uncomfortable and to always stay positive about what may be possible.



Collaboration is something we value resolutely. What we do can be complicated, and there is no way any one person can have all the answers. A team of two will double the chances of problem-solving, and a team of ten will increase those chances tenfold. Collaboration is the interfacing of our varied experiences and skills. It is the ability to communicate with the client. Above all, collaboration is the key to creating unique, successful outcomes and solutions.



At the core of accountability are reliability and personal responsibility. We value the ability of our staff to honor commitments and be reliable to clients and each other. The idea that “showing up is 80% of success” may be true, but if you are not dependable, dedicated, and accountable, the trust is off – and so is the whole deal. We value those who show up and continue to show up with passion and perseverance.



Style what makes us excited about the clients we work with. It’s a determining factor in how we hire, and it’s essentially what our clients come to us for – a new style, a better style, a unique style. Everything from our work, to our way of communicating, to the feel in the office – having style is crucial. But style isn’t the superficial things that you own or how you dress, it’s how you stand out, how you make things look, so people look twice, and how you tell a story that keeps everyone listening.




Leja Kress

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