Campaign Creation

Assouline's Stop Motion Wonderland

As the 2023 holiday season approached, luxury publisher Assouline engaged Sweden Unlimited to create a holiday campaign. We were delighted to develop three concepts, one of which materialized into the campaign named “World of Wonder,” a concept based on a winter wonderland composed entirely of paper crafts. In collaboration with Assouline, we created a whimsical narrative made solely out of paper, which was then vividly brought to life through the art of stop-motion animation.

The initial step in our process was to conceptualize the overall look and feel of the campaign, including the creation of moodboards, style frames, and storyboards. We utilized a combination of inspirational imagery (swipe) and MidJourney AI to design style frames and develop a comprehensive narrative storyboard for all the scenes. We designed multiple scenes to convey various messages and showcase different product initiatives effectively.


The campaign featured Assouline’s travel book collection and accessories like the Travel From Home Candle Collections and gift sets. We also highlighted the brand’s renowned Ultimates collection, which consists of beautifully bound, oversized coffee table books we made into a fictional mountain range. We also incorporate some of their best-selling and new titles for the holiday season. We used a combination of AI, Photoshop and CGI to finalize the production design. From there, we attained alignment with the client, so our paper design team could quickly build this world in practical sets and paper craft objects.

Pulling Stills from 4K Video

We adopted a unique approach for this project (for the sake of both economy and efficiency) and shot in 4K resolution using stop-motion animation. This technique allowed us to produce video content and extract high-quality still images directly from the 4K footage, allowing us and the team to capture beautiful assets in both formats at once.

A Certain Ratio

Flexible and diverse aspect ratios, sizes, and cropping requirements essential for social media were top of mind for all of the various channels for the campaign. We equipped ourselves with a comprehensive toolkit of assets enabling us to tailor and crop images as needed, whether it be social media, the website, print, and outdoor advertising.

Assouline tuktuk Truck


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The “World of Wonder” holiday campaign for Assouline was a great example of creative collaboration and the magic of storytelling in marketing. Blending paper craft and stop-motion animation created a festive narrative that resonated deeply with audiences by celebrating the art of paper.


Maxwell Sorensen
animator, director, stop-motion artist

Francisco de Deus

Tifa Chii
Set Design, Model Making

Nicole Licht
Set Design, Papercraft

Gabriel Montagnani
Photographer Assistant

Kerry Coutu
Model Making

Bill Thompson
Set Design VFX artist

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