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Creating Conversation Around Birth, Recovery, and Breastfeeding

In early 2019, we were asked to design the digital experience for Bodily, a new women’s health startup focused on providing education around childbirth, pregnancy recovery, and breastfeeding.


About the Brand

Started by mother and entrepreneur Tovah Haim, Bodily provides education and wellness guides with a focus on childbirth, pregnancy recovery, and breastfeeding. The site provides research, information, products and resources to open the conversation about the physical changes mothers experience after birth.

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The information I wanted and needed about postpartum and breastfeeding was centralized only in personal blogs, and I found myself in a black hole looking through reams of comments left by others searching for the same information.

Tovah Haim

As the site's topics have, by nature, a more serious tone, we knew that we wanted to convey a sense of trust, honesty, and comfort. At the same time, we were very careful to differentiate Bodily from other medical sites so it could be establish as more of a friend, a place that someone would feel comfortable returning to for advice.

More Humanist Medical Imagery

As we upheld the importance of Bodily’s content and commerce model, we knew that effective imagery would help bring the right attention to the site’s focus around birth and pregnancy recovery. To bring this to life, we worked with New York-based agency, Mother, as they developed the overarching branding, to adapt and extend it digitally.

We brainstormed to create a visual solution tied to each article topic. To ensure that all illustrations complemented the graphic elements used for packaging and branding, we implemented a direction around gender-neutrality and inclusivity. From there, we worked with illustrators Wendy Eduarte and Sofia Pashaei to create visuals in keeping with these key brand pillars.


Commerce is woven seamlessly throughout the site so that customers may purchase the products that will help them through their pregnancy and after. Built with Shopify, we created a completely customized shopping experience to allow for the buying of kits, birth boxes, plus many other types of products.

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