Cara Cara

Branding / Custom Shopify Development / Ecommerce Strategy / Shopify Plus / User Experience

Reviving Elegance with a Maximalist Twist

Sweden Unlimited worked with Cara Cara New York on a comprehensive brand and ecommerce overhaul, emphasizing their unique maximalist identity. By refreshing their brand and developing a standout Shopify Plus site, we helped propel Cara Cara into a digital-first future, where bold design meets a strong editorial viewpoint.

Founders: Julia Brown, Katie Hobbs, and Sasha Martin

Founded in 2019, Cara Cara New York sprouted from the collective genius of Julia Brown, Katie Hobbs, and Sasha Martin, merging their expertise in fashion design, digital media, ecommerce, and finance and marketing to create a distinctive brand. Known for infusing the joyous spirit of holidays into versatile wardrobe staples, Cara Cara champions quality, versatility, and an unbridled spirit of fun through its vibrant designs.

The Challenge

Despite their vivid brand ethos, Cara Cara’s digital presence, particularly its ecommerce website, didn’t fully capture the brand’s true essence and wasn’t an optimized shopping experience.The mission was clear: to not only redesign the website for better performance and user experience using Shopify 2.0, but also to reinvent Cara Cara’s digital brand identity.

The Branding Phase

For our first step, we embarked on an overhaul of Cara Cara’s brand guidelines, refining everything from typography and color palette to tone of voice and photography guidelines. We created a design system that truly resonated with Cara Cara’s sensibility, ensuring every digital touchpoint reflected the brand’s commitment to joy, versatility, and quality.

Cara Cara New York

We redefined Cara Cara’s website by marrying vintage charm with a modern flair. Drawing inspiration from vintage Holiday Magazines, travel photography, and the distinctive vibrant patterns of Cara Cara’s collection, the redesign featured elements like paper collages, Oxford rule borders, and vintage floral clip art. This fusion created a maximalist baroque aesthetic within a modern, streamlined design system, offering a bold alternative to the prevalent minimalist trend in ecommerce.

Custom Solution for Patterns

Understanding the significance of Cara Cara’s unique patterns , we integrated custom modules within the website to spotlight these designs. On product detail pages (PDP), items showcased in a particular pattern were complemented with a ‘Complete the Look’ feature, encouraging users to explore matching items and elevating the average order value (AOV).

The Outcome

The strategic overhaul reflects the brand’s vibrant identity online, while has also improved the user experience, increased conversion rate and AOV. By integrating Cara Cara’s distinctive designs with an intuitive digital platform, we’ve created an engaging online space that celebrates the joy of dressing and offers a vibrant shopping experience that fully embodies Cara Cara’s unique spirit.

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