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Reimagining Memorials

Sweden Unlimited was tasked with disrupting traditional end-of-life rituals while branding a new paradigm of digital remembrance.

chptr Sweden Unlimited


Chptr is a digital memorial platform for lost loved ones. Co-founders Rehan Choudhry and Perfecto Sanchez see it as a story-driven disruptor of obituaries and the whole ceremony of death – and they asked Sweden Unlimited to build the MVP of their app experience while creating a strong, fresh brand system in a hurry.

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CHPTR - Sweden Unlimited
CHPTR - Sweden Unlimited
Chptr Branding and logo Sweden Unlimited

Finding a symbol and identity to represent a sense of positivity in a time of sadness was not something Sweden Unlimited took lightly.
Obvious ideas were plentiful, (rainbows, sunshine, flowers, etc.) – but we knew that we needed something as touching as it was memorable.

The concept of “remembering” was always something that we felt drawn to, and during the research phase of this journey, our creative team encountered a wonderful anecdote which informed our eventual idea.

The Story of The Elephant

Once upon a time at an Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, there lived an elephant who became positively joyful upon being paired with another – much to their handler’s astonishment.

Delving into the history of the two animals, it turned out they’d met some 20 years prior while working in a circus. They’d been apart ever since, yet retained fond memories of one another and quickly resumed their affectionate relationship following their happy reunion.

To paraphrase the old saying, they never forgot love – and so we decided an elephant would be the perfect symbol for remembering loved ones on Chptr.

CHPTR -Branding - Sweden Unlimited
CHPTR -Branding - Sweden Unlimited
CHPTR -Branding - Sweden Unlimited
CHPTR -Branding - Sweden Unlimited
CHPTR -Branding - Sweden Unlimited

... I am more confident in our ability to do this because of everything you and your team taught me along the way. The brilliance that came in the form of Maida, Tom, BJ, and countless others I can't seem to dig out of my email at the moment. You took the time to have tough conversations. You had the patience to get us places we didn't see as clearly in that particular moment. You had patience in me as a leader still very much finding his footing.

Sometimes, you come across a person or a team that gives you an entirely new perspective on what's possible. The brand came to life, the concept came to life and, within it all, I came back to life. The intense passion, love, and expertise Sweden brought to this project helped a brand in its infancy feel established.

I hope you all walk through your own lives with a bit more confidence because of what you did for us. Because we are grateful to you for it.

Rehan Choudhry
Co-founder x CEO - Chptr
chptr custom app

After establishing the brand identity, the subsequent phase involved developing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for a custom-developed mobile app MVP. Chptr aimed to break away from the conventions of traditional memorial websites by creating a mobile-only application reminiscent of TikTok to memorialize loved ones. The goal was to introduce something innovative and accessible, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience within a social media-like environment.


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