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Taking the Daisy Girl on a Whimsical Ride With Uber

Nothing less than a truly transportive campaign could (quite literally) bring Marc Jacobs iconic Daisy fragrance to life. With the arrival of spring 2016, Sweden Unlimited partnered with Coty to create an immersive experience unlike any other. Coty’s desire was to create a campaign with elevated content and deep user engagement. A joyride, which authentically expressed the fragrances essence of whimsy and freedom.

Sweden Unlimited delivered a 360 campaign where Marc Jacobs Daisy fans could celebrate the arrival of spring while being swept away in a Daisy Daze, including an UBER activation featuring influencers like Olivia Culpo, an interactive app, unique stop-motion videos, and online content that expanded to Mother’s Day. Finally, the multi-faceted campaign culminated with a prestigious Glossy Award given to Sweden Unlimited in 2017.

At the center of the Marc Jacob Daisy campaign was a partnership with UBER in an experimental activation to bring the spirit of this iconic fragrance to the streets of New York City, making the ordinary UBER journey something extraordinary.

The result - the Daisy girl’s day just got a whole lot brighter.


Creating an IRL Experience for Daisy’s fans.

This unique project allowed us to not only bring the essence of Marc Jacobs Daisy to its audience and beyond, but also generate a Daisy Daze movement for one special day. We engaged Marc Jacobs Daisy fans and a select group of authentic influencers, sharing unique moments of their Daisy inspired ride on all social media platforms. The campaign has since become UBER’s most successful brand partnership to date.

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Daisy Daze was Uber’s most successful brand partnership to date, with the highest total number of promo applies and overall campaign engagement.


The Marc Jacobs Daisy Uber App

The most vital element of the campaign, which invited consumer participation in an authentic way, was to harness the power of UBER’S existing platform.

For maximum impact, Marc Jacobs Daisy and UBER partnered for one day only. From 12 pm to 6 pm, the #MJDaisy UBER promo could be used to opt in for a ride below 59th street, and in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and DUMBO. Keeping the Daisy Daze aesthetic consistent across the campaign ecosystem, requests were made using custom graphics designed by Sweden. Once requested, a Marc Jacobs Daisy UBER was on its way and ready to take you on a joyride through the streets of New York City, all to the sound of a Daisy Daze curated soundtrack.


Driving Awareness with Personalities

Essential to bringing the Daisy Daze initiative to life was enlisting a group of creative influencers to document their journey in a blooming UBER. Leading the campaign was Olivia Culpo whose celebrated style and social media presence is closely watched and continues to rise. Other powerful influencers like Danielle Bernstein @WeWoreWhat with 1.6 m followers, and Justine Skye @justineskye with 1.1m followers, lead the carefully selected group of ambassadors chosen by Coty.

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Maintaining Momentum

As a way to encapsulate the entire Daisy Daze campaign and have a platform where consumers could continue to connect with the fragrance, we created a microsite which was embedded in the web property. Existing as the most “evergreen” element of the campaign, the site featured Daisy Daze videos, the spring message application, and links to Daisy products.

An additional way to engage was the interactive Spring Message app which enabled users to create their own messages to share with friends and “watch the flowers bloom”. We built a web app leveraging the popularity of meme generators.

Users could select from one of the four animated themes that mirrored the Daisy fragrance in color, writing a message in a bloom – adorned typeface that we prepared specially for the activation. The Spring Message app added a deeper layer of personalized engagement and sharing for social media users – an instantaneous way to be a part of the Daisy Daze campaign and connect with others by sharing your floral message.

The Marc Jacobs Daisy Daze campaign won the 2017 Glossy award for “Best Campaign by a Beauty Brand.” On the heels of the award, Sweden Unlimited’s CEO and Co- founder, Leja Kress, spoke of the challenges yet enormous pay off in creating an activation that delivers a sense of surprise. “Without the unexpected, it’s difficult to be heard. An out of home experience, done right, can really move the needle because it has the potential to deliver a brand to consumers in a totally unique way - like an UBER full of daisies. And that gets noticed.”


Marc Jacobs Fragrance in Motion

Sweden Unlimited created a variety of videos for Marc Jacobs Fragrance, including two for the Daisy Daze campaign, and one for Mother's Day. We drew on a more lighthearted DIY craft aesthetic using stop motion animation, while playing with the senses by offering an unexpected floral surprise.


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