Sarah Flint

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Sarah Flint

Creating Content-Rich Commerce for the DTC Shoe Brand

We partnered with the luxury direct-to-consumer shoe brand for a complete redesign on Shopify Plus. With the brand ethos built on the premise of “Style Without Sacrifice,” we focused on communicating the brand’s core values, as well as offer a seamless and optimized experience for the consumer, from the purchase to the checkout and each phase in between.

About the Brand

Launched in Fall 2013, Sarah Flint positioned herself at the luxury end of the D2C model spectrum. With quality comparable to brands like Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo, Flint’s D2C model has enabled her to gain happier customers and higher profits without the high mass-brand price point. Her commitment to quality has remained at the forefront of her business, while also perfecting the comfort and practicality of the designs themselves.

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I wanted to offer women shoes that are luxurious and exquisitely crafted, but also functional.

Sarah Flint

A Homepage that Fits

The creative direction of the site was based on the brand’s core promise to provide Style Without Sacrifice. To translate this, we designed the homepage with an emphasis on conveying the positioning, personality, and beliefs of the brand. We also incorporated textual callouts illustrating the brand's values of style, comfort, and approachability at the forefront of site entry.

Personalized PDP

We aimed to increase the conversion rate in optimizing the PDP page by enhancing product photography and adding custom content modules to the page. By adding strong contextual content and a clear value proposition in the “Why They’re Perfect” section, we showcase how every detail of the shoe’s composition is made with the consumer’s comfort and look and feel in mind. Emphasizing the quality of Sarah's products by bringing the details to life and emphasizing the detailed luxury craftsmanship was key in the PDP redesign.

Building a Lifestyle Destination

The story behind the Sarah Flint brand is a crucial element in the bond between the brand and the consumer. To create a strong storytelling component, we knew there needed to be a dedicated page to draw users to the world of Sarah Flint. The synergy made between each product and the brand story comes alive with in-depth information and cultural context. The editorial content, brand campaigns, and product stories are used to encourage the consumer to envision themselves in the items they want to purchase.


Conversion Rate

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