Tory Burch Fragrances

Campaign Creation / Design / Digital Content

Dreams of Tory's World With Multiple Campaigns

Peace and Love

Our Holiday 2018 campaign for Tory Burch Fragrances features prancing bottles and cut out tissue shapes, as they dance around to a retro holiday soundtrack. Stop animation by Jen Campbell.

Just Like Heaven

Our concept for the "Just Like Heaven" campaign came from an idea that Tory’s inspiration comes to life and takes us on a journey - all meant to emulate a cool waking dream. Animation by Jen Campbell.

Tory Burch

A Magical World

Our 2019 Tory Burch Fragrance campaign finds holiday boxes opening festive diorama vignettes in a whimsical reveal - all while we follow a mysterious gift on a journey through snowy hills, mountains and a penguin family. Animation by Jen Campbell.

Knock on Wood

Our campaign video for Tory Burch's fragrance "Knock on Wood" features a collage of sights and sounds as Tory explores India for inspiration. Animation by Oliver Dead.

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