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Bringing the Rich History of Craftsmanship to Modern-Day Life

In order to evolve with the changing generational landscape of consumers, Lenox engaged with us for a full rebrand of Lenox, Dansk and Reed & Barton. With the support of their strong reputation, we complemented their values of quality and craftsmanship culminating in the relaunch of their ecommerce site on Shopify Plus and a full roll-out of the cross-collateral assets. Through refreshed brand guidelines around typography, color, photography, packaging, logo, and ecommerce, we designed a world for the new generations of “nesters.”


About the Brand

For over a century, Lenox has been the market leader in setting the highest standards for quality, artistry, and beauty around homeware. Today, Lenox continues to be guided by his ideals of finding their role in the home and lives of a new generation of consumers.

We were tasked with finding Lenox’s role in the home and lives of a new generation of consumers.

Richard Agerbeek
Sweden Chief Creative Officer

As part of the brand refresh, we created and implemented new digital-first guidelines to inform communication across all points of contact. In addition to the logo and wordmark refinement, we established an elevated font and asset direction that includes brand usage, restrictions, and violations, as well as detailed specifications for clear space, positioning, and scale. The document also gives recommendations for digital, packaging, and print.

As we kept the brand mission top of mind, we re-imagined the packaging to compliment the new refresh, where we introduced a clean, colorful, and minimalist packaging to echo the brand's heritage and timelessness.

Three sites in one.

Since Lenox is also an umbrella brand for Dansk and Reed & Barton, we designed the platform with tabs and entirely different styles to match each brand aesthetic.

Shopify Lenox

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