Petrossian Caviar

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Petrossian Caviar

Evolving the Petrossian Legacy with a New Online Experience

With a strong family history deeply rooted in caviar, Petrossian has spent almost a century perfecting the art of their craft. As they looked to expand brand awareness to the new wave of consumers, we were thrilled when they chose to partner with us on their brand refresh, which included a full site redesign on Magento.

Petrossian Caviar

About the Brand

Originally from Armenia, the Petrossian Brothers brought their ancestral knowledge and a commitment to craftsmanship, which had been honed on the banks of the Caspian Sea for centuries. In Paris, they found a rich appetite for luxury, elegance and taste. Quickly branching into smoked fish and other fine foods, the brothers continued to apply their passion, rigorous standards and a few trade secrets to the art of caviar.

As we welcomed them to our family of clients as our first gourmet food brand, we were inspired to bring our consumer understanding within the lifestyle and luxury spaces to create this new world for the iconic Petrossian brand, ultimately reaching the next generation of customers.

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