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Pushing Shopify 2.0 to the extreme for the off-road stroller brand

Sweden Unlimited were brought on to create a new Shopify Plus eCommerce site for renowned children’s stroller brand Veer. Coinciding with Shopify’s announcement of a wide range of new features, we capitalized on this opportunity to make this one of the most ambitious and feature rich stores we’ve ever built.

VEER Shopify development

About Veer

These highly designed and engineered mini vehicles are way more than your typical stroller. Designed to be used across all terrains, Veer’s vision goes beyond creating the perfect children’s carrier, their message is to encourage us to go outside with our kids.

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VEER Shopify development

Lightening Fast Shopify Commerce
Built with speed in mind, the site leverages React and the Shopify GraphQL API to quickly and efficiently manage and render product data across collections, products, and cart sections.


Order Splitting
To accommodate more complex shipping needs, we created custom cart logic to split shipping of items based on distribution center and time of shipment, to create a more robust experience for Veer and their customers. This allows customers to manage shipping speed and method of individual items on multi-part orders. For this we leveraged new functionality offered by Shopify’s Location Prioritization 2.0, set to release to more merchants in Q3 of this year.

Integrating Content and Commerce

Pushing storefront 2.0 to its absolute brink, we created a content rich shopping experience that adds image and video assets, GSAP animations, and related technologies to keep pages ever in motion without sacrificing site speed or compliance.

Build your own buggy

As any parent who’s ever entangled themselves in the world of children’s buggies, there can be a lot of accessories, add ons and features - not unlike buying a car. Knowing what to buy is complicated enough, so we aimed to make the process or purchasing simple by setting up pre-defined bundles, allowing you to make a clear selection and then build on that should you wish to.

Everything, everywhere, all at once
We leveraged Shopify’s ever evolving content modeling services such as MetaObjects to efficiently manage and serve site-wide data with ease.


The Result
Within just three weeks the results have already shown impressive results with total orders increasing 86% and total sales is up by 74%.



increase of total orders


increase of total sales

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